Friday, 1 July 2011

BDO Credit Card Application

You may come with two options if you want to apply for a BDO credit card, the old process of application in which you have to go to the nearest BDO branch, ask for requirements and apply. The other one is, the online application, at this kind of application, you can apply anytime and only wait for a sixty second approval.

Credit Card Application

Kinds of BDO credit cards are offered so we can choose what kind of credit card fit our needs, and suit our financial income monthly. We must assure that we can afford to pay our monthly bills. In applying a credit card, we must consider some things. You must be at least 21 years of age, and not more than 70 years old for principal. Must be a Filipino citizen, or a foreign that had been residing here in Philippines for least two years. A monthly income of Php 120,000.00. Permanent status at the present job, or has a business that operates for at least two years. A residence or an office where the BDO branch is located. You must bring two valid ID's update.

Online Application

For online application, well it is more beneficial on your part. Time saving and less expensive. You don't need to drive just to apply for one. You don't need to wait for a line that will take you minutes or even an hour. You can apply online at any time and possibly approved after 60 seconds. If you wanna try this, just visit the BDO website -- Provided there the forms you need to fill up and other related concerns.


  1. sana ako din mabigyan ng credit card para magamit ko sa negosyo ko

  2. sana magkaroon din ako ng credit card for mergency and business also

  3. pano kumuha ng credit card?ano requirments?


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