Thursday, 22 January 2015

ATM Card Application

ATM Application becomes easier nowadays. This is for the benefit of the people who don't have so much time going to open an account and deposit.
To those who doesn't have their savings account, you only need two valid ID and the cash that will serve as your initial deposit.

They will provide you the form that your going to fill in as your registration. After the form in filled and the cash is deposited, you ATM card will be available in two weeks right after the registration.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Credit Card

Credit card is a payment card given to the consumers/users that can be used as another form of payment. It grants the cardholder to pay for goods and services depending on the terms of credit between the bank (credit card issuer)  and the cardholder. A credit card has a credit limit, credit limit is the point where you are only allowed to consume in your credit card.

Modes of payment for a credit card may vary on the bank or the issuer of the cards, different banks also has different terms and conditions.

To avail a credit card, you may choose what bank offer will suit your needs.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

BDO Merchant Acquiring

Banco de Oro is the only bank in the Philippines that accepts all major Card named MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, and JCB. 

It may be international or local. A card issued by BDO or any other banks that bears the four major credit card logos will be swipe in the POS (Point of Sale) Terminal provided by Banco de Oro. In different ways, the POS terminal is connected with BDO, it would be through dial up, or using the telephone line, through LAN, local area network for multiple terminals and it can be also used through GPRS technology. POS Terminal is a device provided by BDO in which the merchant obtain card authorization.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Online Banking

Online Banking or Internet Banking, this allows the clients to conduct financial transaction anytime of the day. Through online banking you can perform an account to account transfer, the transactional like applying for a loan, paying a bill, apply for new account. You can also perform non - transactional matters, like checking recent transactions, and downloading bank statements. Most banks offers online banking system to serve the client well and meet their satisfaction. It speeds up business transaction usually between bank and clients. 

Most establishments nowadays use online system, it may be a private organization or government agencies, Social Security System and jobs abroad are some of those.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

From the word itself, its the transfer of your remaining balance to your existing credit card, but you must pay then for lower rate or even at 0% interest. In more simple way, the transfer or the moving of your dept from one card to another. Sometimes the transfer of credit cards are used to lower the credit card interest rate. It may be depend on months and the percentage as well. It can be 0% for 20 months, 0% for 18 months, for 15 months. So now, if you have existing credit cards, think if you will practice credit card balance transfer.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Prepaid Credit Cards

Like Bad Credit Cards, Prepaid Credit Card, it is given to those who has bad credit history. The difference is that the major credit cards is often used for business transactions like ticket and ticket reservations. This prepaid credit card is given to those who has poor credit that may engage the same transactions. This is also used by some parents for their children to limit their capacity to purchase.We can consider prepaid credit cards as secured credit cards, its most likely the same as the regular credit card, only the credit limit it generally lower than  that of regular credit card. Credit limit of prepaid credit card may base on the  security amount deposited by the account holder.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bad Credit Card

Bad Credit Card, this are cards given to individual who has Bad Credit History, meaning they don't comply with the terms and condition given by the bank upon getting their previous credit card. This is a given chance to those who has bad credit history to build up again the trust of their previous credit card provider, and to allow them to get the usual credit card. Bad Credit Cards has low credit limit, knowing that someone has bad credit history, why would they give high credit limit when they can't afford to pay it. Right? This will be given to you provided that you must conform with the terms and conditions, and the most important, you must pay it promptly. Having a bad credit card will help you to become responsible and be reliable in terms of financial aspects. Not all credit card provider issues bad credit card, it may depend to the bank.

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